• 05 Oct 2008

    Many of you have probably guessed already that my journey to Washington DC started one day late as the result of the first California rain storm in 6 months. However, if the momentary disappointment was the price of the incredible day I had today, I was happy to pay it.

    My ride…. it is impressive, no? Please take note of my completely awesome VOTE flag. It must be said that this particular flourish to my trip almost did not happen. It turns out that I could not purchase a stock motorcycle flag pole that fit my scooter. Enter my brother-in-law Marty McKay. The entire bracketing system was designed and precision machined to custom fit my bike by Marty. Also note, the quality of the photography will take a dramatic step downward as the previous photo and banner were provided by my dear friend Marisa Zucek. In a later posting I will be going into endless detail about the people who, as ever, have made my dreams their missions. For now, let me simply say, I am blessed.

    My ride to Paso Robles was breathtaking. With the exception of right hand cramps (I totally underestimated the impact to your throttle hand on a long ride) it was nearly perfect.

    Without question, the highlight of this day was my very first interview. I would like you to meet Hugh Ort from Iowa. A long haul trucker/Harley rider, he is a commanding presence. Hugh sports multiple tattoos and a Fu Manchu mustache and we met outside a general store south of Gilroy. It is safe to say, that he was as unexpected as he was colorful. I cannot express it better than Hugh,

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    Hugh Ort from Iowa

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