• 18 Oct 2008

    Today was a great day for a ride, but I had a little mechanical problem that prompted me to spend some time on the scooter.  Coupled with a weather report that indicated high winds tomorrow, I will be staying in Shawnee an extra day.  So please, check in tomorrow for a new interview and update on the trip.

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


    Posted by jm-admin @ 9:35 pm

3 Responses

  • Roderick Says:

    Rest is good! Hey, see if you can find a church there to visit tomorrow! It’s an almost guaranteed invite to lunch, in the land of Big Food.

    I’d return your wishes for a wonderful weekend, but I suspect EVERY day is Saturday for you on this trip.

  • Katie McDaughter Says:

    High winds = not okay with me. I’m glad that you decided to keep still for a day to let them wear off.. I LOVE you and you should definitely give me a call some time tomorrow. :)

    Keep yourself safe!

  • Linda Says:

    Ditto, dear daughter!