• 15 Oct 2008

    Practicing openness can take many forms.

    When my friend Maureen from Roseville suggested that I create a photo journal of the diner food that I eat on this trip, I was intrigued.  Deciding to expand on the idea, I committed to ordering whatever the house specialty was, photographing it and eating it.  My cardiac health aside, this little gambit has worked out better than I anticipated.  Tonight, however, I will admit that my heart sank just a bit when the waitress at the Silver Moon Cafe told me they were known for their beef green chili stew.

    That sinking feeling turned into a thump when it was placed in from of me.  I proceeded with caution and must report that this was one of the most satisfying meals that I have eaten in recent memory.  Sweet reward.

    My favorite part of the debate tonight was when the discussion turned to reasonable discourse among people of opposing views.  It must start with our leadership, but it is clear to me that we all, as an active citizenry, are called to get uncomfortable and engage in the process.  Plainly stated, our isolation is not serving our democracy.

    In that spirit, I would like to introduce you to Morley and Vaniece Sprage.  En route home to Utah, they were traveling with their 3 year old granddaughter Tiedra.  Morley and Vaniece have been raising Tiedra since she was 3 months old.  They married in 1954 and have 4 children and 14 grandchildren.  They speak candidly of their fears and their faith.

    The Sprages

    Enjoy and, occasionally, order the house specialty.

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5 Responses

  • Melissa Says:

    Hi Julie!

    Oh no, that looks… delicious? Hehe, I hope you’re having a wonderful time! We’re following all your adventures back here at Seth Efrica (aka the Benvenue House)!

    Ride safely! :)

  • Bob McFriend Says:

    Why do the Blue Plate Specials come on white plates? Green chilis are great! Also, it is easier to stay warm when you have chili in you and you’re heading into the lower elevations.

  • Roderick Says:

    Wow, I can almost taste that plate from the picture! My finest meal on a similar trip was Huevos Rancheros, with warm tortillas, at a small diner in Colorado, just a little further up the cattle drive corridor from where you are now. The #2 best food was Devilled Crab from a small grocery store - look for it when you near the east coast.

    Merrianne and I enjoyed reading through your blog together two nights ago. We’ve started to tell other friends.

  • Dianne McSister Says:

    Hi Julie,
    I cannot listen to the audio file cuz I am in LA in a business center and do not want to disturb the other folks here, but since I hadn’t posted in a couple days I thought I should so you didn’t worry about me ;-)!!

    All is well and THANK YOU for the gratitude post, but we are all lucky to have each other in our lives. We support each other - that is all we can do and from that all good things come!

    Glad you are well. I think the blue plate special looks really good. I really miss you, however, and really need you to be safe and make good time on this journey!!

    Love much,

  • Linda Says:

    Hi Julie,
    Can’t tell you what this plate looked like at first glance. Just goes to show you … can’t tell a book by its cover! Your interview was solid. I’m glad we got to hear from Vaniece. Take care of yourself …. we love you and miss you …