• 28 Oct 2008

    Unquestionably, the coolest part of a trip like this is finding yourself in the most surprising and incongruent places.

    Tonight it would be a vintage motorcycle club meeting at a tea room in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

    It was a convoluted path that brought me here.  It started with the weather delay that grew into a small depression (mine), which led to a day of logistical maneuvering, and ultimately meeting Charley Cox.  Charley is a local mainstay in the Knoxville motorcycle community and the most recent addition to my roadtrip angels club.  More on that later.

    Pulling up to the Time Warp Tea Room with its rows of meticulously maintained motorcycles lining the sidewalk, it is the coolest of contradictions.   Here, Knoxville riders gather and drink gourmet coffees, eat homemade cookies and tea cakes after downing their signature tamale/chili combo and surrounded by motorcycle memorabilia.  You can’t make this stuff up.  In their own words ‘where else can one play a 40-year old pinball machine amidst walls covered with 1980’s Cycle News?’  This defines cool.

    Here I met David Rhynehart.  

    Born in North Carolina, but raised here in Knoxville, David is a mechanical technician and a veteran.  His family is here and includes his mother, brother and sister, and his son.  He is both clear and concise, and unwavering in his support and strict interpretation of conservatism.  

    David Rhynehart

    Roadtrip News:  Due to 25 mph winds and a high of 43 degrees, I am getting a ride (read tow) to Marion, Virginia tomorrow.  It is about 140 miles and gets me into striking distance of Washington DC.  From there, I promise only to ride if the weather permits.  Fingers crossed.

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  • Roderick Says:

    Very smart, getting a ride! Hopefully, you’ll get out of the storm area. And as a bonus, you’ll bypass the Kentucky dogs.

    It’s been in the high 70’s here - sure wish we could send you a little of the sun.

  • Sharon Says:

    Hi Julie,

    Sounds like the best time at the Time Warp Tea Room! Aren’t people fun??

    Thanks for all the wonderful posts. You know you have a book here, right?

    My fingers are crossed for you, too!

    love you and miss you,


  • Linda Says:

    Wow ….. I’m thrilled that you are safely on your way!
    Bob was right … just be Julie!

    Love you very much,

  • Linda Says:

    PS And Wow! That interview was coolness under fire Julie.