• 01 Oct 2008

    Over two months ago I learned that John McCain and Barack Obama would be giving me the greatest birthday present ever. After long negotiations and rancorous campaign positioning, they announced that the first presidential debate would be held on Friday, September 26th - my birthday.

    It has to be said that, by this time, I had succumb to complete and total obsession about all things electoral. Realclearpolitics.com was just my jumping off point. I consumed every article and op-ed piece listed on both morning and afternoon postings, but it would not quiet the beast. No, I required multiple daily fixes of poll analysis from Nate Silver at fivethirtyeight.com and could accurately recite (by state) polling averages and their associated trends.

    So the knowledge that the first presidential debate of this historic election would be held on my birthday could only mean one thing. A debate party.

    It started out simply enough. A few of my closest friends to share in thoughtful analysis and quiet reflection. A celebration of meaningful critique, if you will.

    What actually happened was, well, different.

    Twenty six people arrived and there was food and drink. For my people, this is often all that is needed. But what followed was a surprise even to this well-partied soul. With the CNN pundit ratings flashing like Christmas lights at the sides, and the ‘insta-poll’ hortizontal ticker monitoring the audience responses, our collective passions grew with every exchange. The cumulative effects exceeding any Super Bowl or NCAA Championship party. It is testament to the unique nature and universal obsession that is the 2008 US Presidential Election.

    It is here that I must confess that, while I had made the point of capturing my guest’s impressions on audio that evening, I somehow managed to mess up the setting on my new audio recorder (yes, Lisa, I should have been using a headset) and I failed to save even one interview.

    I am, however, blessed to have the recollections of Derrick Kikuchi, captured the Sunday after the debate. Please enjoy (I did). [Click the play button below to hear the audio]

    Derrick (debate night)

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