• 30 Oct 2008

    If there was a more beautiful place on earth than the Shenandoah Valley on October 30, 2008, I cannot imagine where it could be. 

    It is testament that it took me over 20 minutes of searching Google images to find a photo that even comes close to capturing my experience today, and frankly, even this one falls short.

    It was almost as though nature was saying, ‘yeah I know I tossed you around a bit these past few weeks but, check this out’.

    Under stunningly blue skies, I made my way as slowly as traffic would permit through rolling hills blanketed in textured foliage.  The working farms and this region’s respect for their architecture simply completed the experience.  And God bless Virginia for banning billboards.  It was perfection. 

    Tonight I began the process of reviewing the tapes and attempting to put a context around my experience.  Tomorrow I will make my way into Washington DC and my hope is to share with you some final observations and thoughts.

    For now, I can only express my thanks for your encouragement, kind words, prayers and love.  They all made the difference.

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13 Responses

  • Cath Says:

    OMG Julie this is amazingly beautiful! Talk about “restoreth my soul”! You definitely earned this additional reward.

    Reviewing and collecting your thoughts will be another kind of reward, and a great gift to the rest of us.

    CONGRATULATIONS on making it all the way!

  • Bob McDad Says:

    Julie, never a doubt! Now one last ride … keep the focus (rubber side down), savor the accomplishment! What an incredible experience, what a remarkable accomplishment (& I thought riding to Colorado was a big deal…)! Enjoy every second … you make all of us so proud!

  • Katie McDaughter Says:

    Almost there mommy!!

    And THEN you get to come home. Which is so much better, in a way.

    …Well, for ME at least. :)

    I LOVE you and am so proud of you!!

  • Wendy Willow Wark Says:

    Dear Julie,

    The love that you have shared with those you have interviewed is an amazing gift to us all! You have exemplified our commitment to respect, empower and include. There is no doubt that God is smiling down on His dutiful daughter in the form of the magical, fruit loop colors of Autumn.

    May your arrival into our Capitol be transcendent!

    In faith,

    ~ Wendy Willow Wark

  • Sharon Says:

    Julie dear,

    I’m thrilled you are almost there! And Shenandoah Valley–breathtaking!

    Thank you for sharing it all with us!

    hugging you and loving you,


  • Roderick Says:

    Hi, Julie!

    I can only imagine your excitement, being so near.

    Would you have time to take a picture of yourself and your bike, with the Washington Monument in the background?

  • Michael K in ABQ Says:

    Hi Julie - Kathy and I knew that you could/would do it! As you near your goal, remember that the real question is not red or blue, but rather red or green. Cheers! Michael K (and Kathy D)

  • Alice McMom Says:

    Come home fast!! I am very proud of you. You accomplished something I wish I had done. Dad and I love you and miss you!!!

  • Daniel Richards Says:

    Congratulations Julie!!! We are all excited that you’re going to make it all the way there. This has been an amazing journey for you, and we’re all looking forward to seeing you back at home again!

  • Lisa Burns Says:

    Congratulations! When is the welcome home party? I volunteer my house if needed.


  • marsha benson Says:

    By now you must be in DC. What a great trip! Anything you
    want us to do at (your) home for your return? and do you know when
    you’ll be pullin in the driveway? Marsha
    Today it is cool and raining and a little windy! but we NEED the rain
    and I love this weather!

  • Linda Says:

    We are all so happy and proud of you Julie. You accomplished what you set out to do! We are all the better for it!
    All my love,
    Can’t wait to see you back here!

  • Evelyn Says:

    Way to go Julie! Will you stay through the election results? This has been
    an incredible election year, so much excitement, interest and participation.
    You’re journey is truly a gift you’be given a lot of us. Safe travels home.
    I don’t think I heard…flying back or riding back. Look forward to seeing you
    and more details. Congratulations!