• 13 Oct 2008

    If my aim on October 5th when I set out on this journey was to get out of my comfort zone, I may have overachieved.

    What follows are the indicators.

    1.  It is so cold that I am willing to look like this,

    I am wearing long underwear (top and bottom), jeans, 2 additional shirts, a fully padded motorcycle jacket, rain pants, rain jacket and no makeup.  Note - this photo was taken by a lovely man who had never used a digital camera and who, despite several attempts to demonstrate, kept looking through a non-existent view finder. 

    2.  I am so happy to be warm that I am unfazed by the breeze that inflates my bright yellow jacket, effectively making me look like an oversized Easter Peep speeding across New Mexico.

    3.  The following interview exists.

    In search of a place to warm up, I pulled off in Grants, New Mexico.  Not wanting to stop at a fast food place, I found the Econo Lodge and Restaurant.  I was the only customer and I struck up a conversation with the restaurant manager.  A young man named Greg Chapman, he was engaging and informed.  But it was hard not to notice an intense older man sitting in the corner. 

    Please meet Alfredo Mirabal.  The owner of the Grants Econo Lodge and Restaurant, Alfredo is a rancher by trade, his life story and worldview among the most unique that I have found.  If my challenge when I started this journey was to stay engaged (without evangelizing) in the face of opposing views, Alfredo is my Kilimanjaro. 

    Alfredo Mirabal

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9 Responses

  • Craig Wiesner Says:

    WOW! I don’t even know where to begin.

    How about this? Where does Obama’s money come from?


    (You don’t have to google too long to find details.)

  • Sharon Says:

    Julie, you did so well with this interview! I see why he was your Kilimanjaro! I wonder if he has been watching Fox News?? I feel for him in his anxiety about the future…he expresses in an extreme way what lots of people are feeling–fear of globalization and of losing our place as #1 superpower.

    I’m so glad you posted your Peeps picture! And so glad you are warm.

    Missing you and loving you,


  • Roderick Says:

    “Willing to look like this”??

    Rags could not obscure Cinderella’s beauty, either.

  • Katie McDaughter Says:

    1. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I saw the picture of you in your rain gear. Amazing.

    2. Wow, I think I could almost hear your brain exploding through your recorder.

    3. I love you. :)

  • Andi Says:

    Hi Julie,
    These interviews give me chills. You are so inspiring. I am checking every day. Wanted to tell you 2 things:
    (1)My Dad is a Republican. A conservative-Iowa-farmer-raised-Catholic-military-officer-definitley-don’t-ask-definitely-don’t-tell. There are episodes in my extended family history that elicit the “no politics” rule at any family event. I never bring it up, and I always remind my husband that it is a taboo topic in my parent’s house.

    We went to Seattle this past weekend to visit friends and then my parents. I expected conversations about the economic crisis. But I nearly chocked on my shrimp cocktail when my Dad said, “I am voting for Obama.” Excuse me? Did I hear that right? My DAD is voting for Obama!

    There is hope. There really is a possibility for CHANGE.

    (2)I’m emailing all my friends with a philanthropic nature with blogs & podcasts to give them notice of Blog Action Day. Tomorrow tons of people will be posting about this years ‘global cause’ to help raise awareness. This year’s theme is Poverty.

    Full info & sign up is at - http://blogactionday.org/

    And mine will be at http://misadventures-with-andi.blogspot.com/


  • Lisa Burns Says:

    Stay warm, girl. I hope that you are staying in hotels, not camping, given the weather you are hitting.

    I am so proud of you.



  • Heather LeRoy Says:

    You are on quite an adventure! Too bad the election is in WINTER! I’m so sad that you have been so cold. But, if your Easter Peep jacket keeps you warm, all is good. And hey, we are nearing Halloween, so I’m sure you could head to a costume party at your final destination!

    I hope this goes without saying, Alfredo does not represent all Republicans. At least not my kind. I’m so impressed with how ‘neutral’ you pretended to be with him. Nicely done! :-)

    Love you! Stay safe!


  • dan coman Says:

    banjo’s anyone

  • Linda Says:

    okay … are you taking lessons from the OBAMA school of patience?
    Love the peep look!
    Stay warm, sis!