And it starts….

Julie McDonald in Washington DC, 2008

It turns out that a long journey does not start with the first step.

No.  It starts with explaining to your friends and family why you would want to put yourself on a [insert quirky transport here] for 30 days alone to talk to strangers.

It would be disingenuous  to suggest that when I set out on my scooter 4 years ago that I was clear on what I was doing and why.  It was, in the purest sense, a journey. But this time, I do not have the the veil of plausible deniability.  I know the gifts and challenges that are a part of setting aside those defining comforts and attachments for the joys and infuriation of showing up to listen, truly listen.  That years of dismaying the demise of our national discourse can be assuaged by putting a face, name and dignity to each persons story.  Water over rock.  Very cool.

This election, as the last, forces a light on who we are and who we want to be.  Every day my promise is to share one such story from the road.

More than anything, I want get past sound bite responses and thoughts limited to 140 characters.  Turns out, I just need to show up.



And it starts…. — 10 Comments

  1. The site is working, wonderful! Let’s hear about your preparations. The mood-o-meter says you’re excited. Are you afraid too?

  2. Julie, it was so lovely to be with you and your sweet friends tonight — and drink a toast to you and your new voyage! I am very excited for you, and just so glad to be along for the ride! all my love, Sharon

  3. Julie, As I said last night when we all toasted your adventure, you are one of the most unique and wonderful women that I have ever met. So excited about “Coming To Loook For America” Can’t wait to follow your blog. Love, Dan

  4. I will break a bottle of something bubbly (a frosty cold coke, perhaps?) over the bow of something to help launch your adventure. Now… where’s a good bow when you need one?

  5. You are a remarkable sister … I am proud of you … wish you the adventure and insights that your heart desires.
    Thanks for letting us follow in your posts.

  6. Oh my, Julie…I miss you already. Please be careful out there. We will follow your trip with great interest. Hope you achieve all your goals. (I loved your interview with your mom.) Bob