Nashville, TN: A father’s search

Caelie is Missing

You can see it on their faces. The fear, determination and lack of sleep. A waitress at the Waffle House pointed in their direction. They were distributing posters and looking for anyone who might have seen Caelie. They paused for coffee and told me their story.

Caelie McGuire is 14 years old (her birthday is today) and has been missing since October 4th from Louisville, Kentucky. She left home with a troubled friend but they have good reason to believe that she might be in the Nashville area. Her father, Craig T. McGuire is joined in his search with his life long friend, Eric Price. They are using every resource, every agency to help find Caelie. But they could not sit at home. They could not wait.

They tell their story so much better than I can,

[rtmp3 url="" title="Craig McGuire and Eric Price"]

It seems small to even make observations about this moment. My gratitude that they would let me in, allow me to sit with them, is exceeded only by my profound hope for Caelie’s safe return.

If you have any information about Caelie McGuire, please call 502 795-8224


Nashville, TN: A father’s search — 15 Comments

  1. I sure hope Caelie’s Dad succeds tomorrow in finding Caelie!!!!!!
    I hpoe today was as Paul Simon would say ” A smoother ride”
    Been telling lots of folks about you spectacular adventure.

    Sally and I send our Love

  2. Hey Julie, That is so sad and scary. Amazing that Caelis’s Dad was able to share his story with you. Actually, I am not surprised…. you are so good at connecting with people on a very personal level. I am awed by what you are doing. My love to you, Sally

  3. You do find the most interesting people and they share their troubles and hopes with you because you such a wonderful person.I am sure caelis will show up and hers dad love and determination will be safe and remember how blessed you are.

  4. Before I took my hand off the mouse, I said a little prayer for Craig, Eric, and of course, Caelie.

  5. When I read that Craig was joined in his search by his life long friend, i needed you to know how blessed I feel to have had you join me in every major “search” in my life…!
    I will hug Amy a little longer next time she comes home. I can’t imagine the fear and madness of having your child missing…
    I will add Caelie’s safe return to my prayers.

  6. Beautiful girl. Beautiful Dad! Beautiful Friend!! I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers!! Do let us know if you hear anything. In the meantime – keep up the good work and know that we are all rooting for you!!

  7. I believe that you indeed have found America Julie. We are a matrix of kindred souls who may have different views but are all knitted together by bonds of love and devotion to each other. Thanks for making this trip.

  8. Incredible – I will pray for all three of them tonight. And for you, too. Your ability to connect with people astonishes me. You are amazing mom <3

  9. Thank u everyone who is praying , i am her uncle and this has been very tuff to deal with, and please if anyone knows anything please contact us, come home caelie, love you

    Uncle j

    • Hello Jeremy, All of our prayers are with you and your family. We believe that Caelie will be home with you soon. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do, however small. Take care of yourself and each other

  10. I’ll be praying for Caelie. Please let us know what you hear from her family.

    Hugs and tons of admiration for you Julie, as you keep connecting with people and spreading your own special brand of care and thoughtfulness–and listening.

  11. To Trevor and Beth,parents of Caelie, praying that you find your daughter and the other young lady. I can not imagine what your family is going thru at this time. Keeping you all in my prayers


  12. i am so blesseed i AM THE GIRL THAT RAN AWAY and if this never happened to me i wouldnt be the person i am today so i am thankful that i had such supporitive people to hwlp me get home safe