A note from Julie… “No post tonight”

Julie wanted me to let all of her friends and family know that she is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and “Doing Fine” but will not be posting tonight since the Trump rally was delayed and she will therefore not be back until late tonight. But she has lots of great stuff and will be posting tomorrow.

— Derrick Kikuchi, hwireroad.org webmaster


A note from Julie… “No post tonight” — 3 Comments

  1. Hey Julie,

    It was a pleasure talking with you. I wish we had more time, as we “scratched” the surface of some interesting topics.

    Good luck with your adventure. So cool!!

    Mike Brown

    • Mike,
      It was a remarkable evening and our conversation was a highlight. Thank you for your perspective and insights, I promise to edit and post tomorrow. Safe travels home and great thanks,

  2. Thanks for the advisory, Derrick. And thanks for your work behind the scenes to make this blog work. I both respect and appreciate it.