One last curve

There is one last story from my Rally marathon that I need to share.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Beasley.  They are from northeast Georgia but were in Cedar Rapids for an extended stay to care for two of their many grandchildren.  It was just about 3:00 when I arrived to stand in line next to them.  Mr. Beasley was my first interview of the Trump rally,

In the six hours we would spend together waiting (Trump’s arrival was almost 2 hours late), I would learn that Mr. and Mrs. Beasley also struggled with Secretary Clinton’s role in the Benghazi deaths.  Deeply skeptical of media and the polls, in many ways they might have been just about the best representation of a centrist Trump supporter I have encountered.

In the final moments before the rally began, as we sat along side each other, Mrs. Beasley asked me if I supported Mr. Trump.  She asked in earnest and in that moment, I decided to put aside my neutral facade.  Mr Beasley took note and leaned in to hear my answer,

“I do have several concerns about Mr. Trump but in the end it has come down to this for me…  Mr. Trump has demonstrated a lifelong pattern of cruelty.  By this I mean inflicting pain and distress on people senselessly, to further no cause, to achieve no end.  And I can think of no time in our history when a manifestly cruel person was given power and a military that ended well.”

There was a pause.  Mr Beasley had been looking down as I spoke, but he raised his eyes and there was a softness in his face.  This is not to say he agreed.  But he heard me.



One last curve — 6 Comments

  1. Wow! Wow!! All I can say is Wow!!! Julie, you are so right about your view of history and cruel men and power. Here is what I think: Julie – while I love your interviews – your own insights are so much more powerful for me! I would love to hear more of those! Politically, you are the wisest person I know. You are astute, well informed, well leavened, and most importantly – well intentioned!!
    We are so lucky to have you and your perspective in our lives!! I cannot say enough how much I admire you and your convictions!!
    Your soooooo proud sister, Dianne

    • I am stunned Dianne. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Most of all, thank you for your insights and wisdom. I have made good use of both on this trip. Just for future reference, please see the next post. You may want to rescind your request 🙂
      Love, Julie

  2. My dearest Julie, I sooo agree with Diane! Your perspective and insights are incredibly valuable to me! You not only carry a wealth of political knowledge, but you are a patient, kind, impartial teacher to me on my many questions in this area. Thank you for being the incredible being you are. You are such a blessing in my life!

  3. My friend-

    I am so proud of you for doing these trips you do. I have been suffering anxiety from this election and it has been somatized into aches and pains in my neck and shoulders. I called today to get the vote out at Hillary HQ in Mountain View and finally the pains are subsiding.

    Keep reporting and listening.