Oct 282016

Julie wanted me to let all of her friends and family know that she is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and “Doing Fine” but will not be posting tonight since the Trump rally was delayed and she will therefore not be back until late tonight. But she has lots of great stuff and will be posting tomorrow.

— Derrick Kikuchi, hwireroad.org webmaster

Oct 272016

Sometimes you just cannot believe your luck.

Seeing the candidates in person was really not a possibility in either of my first two election forays.  For reasons of timing and range, it simply could not be.  And while the cargo city bus allows me so much more flexibility and greater range, I barely allowed myself to hope that my path would cross with either of the candidates.

But there I was on Tuesday when my morning campaign website check in revealed that Hillary Clinton would be at Iowa Democratic Party “Women Win” early vote rally in Cedar Rapids just as I was arriving.  Newbo City Market at 1:00.  Register, send, celebrate.

No such luck with the Trump calendar.  That is, not until yesterday morning.  It appeared as an added stop on the Trump schedule. McGrath Amphitheater, Cedar Rapids at 7:00pm for the same day.  Register, send, celebrate.

And in the spirit of celebration, please meet Jade.  She is a poet and youth activist that I met at Goodwin Memorial Baptist Church.  A local, she is currently working in New York City and I think you will see that she takes the GMBC spirit wherever she is.

Oct 262016

My story and this journey are deeply tied to my roots in Michigan.  I am blessed to have spent my formative years, learned to play Euchre, adore my extended family and appreciate the particular joy that is apple cider and hot donuts on a cold winter day.


Allie and RJ provided me one of the best interviews of 2012.  As complex and overwhelming as the issues we face can feel, there is no better antidote than the perspective of young eyes and open hearts.  Time with them was just what I needed and I hope you can hear the wisdom and kindness that filled every moment I had with Allie, RJ and their parents, Tammy and Bob.  My hope is that I was able to do justice to these two remarkable children.