Oct 132016

Recreating a journey ensures that you will encounter not only the unfamiliar, but the unexpected familiar.  That was the theme of my day.

As I made my way toward Texas, I turned off in Santa Rosa, New Mexico to get some gas and stretch my legs. I was focused on the gas station at the end of the road when a familiar cafe sign caught my eye as I passed.  The Silver Moon Cafe

It was the very same cafe that I first had the green chile stew that I mentioned in yesterday’s post.  I loved it so much, that it was one of the few food photos that I shared on that trip.  At the risk of being redundant,


(I cannot help myself, please note the tablecloth on my post from 2008)

The wonderful woman who brought me this stew was Sandra Sisneros.  Though originally from Albuquerque, she loves the lakes and people of Santa Rosa.  She was kind enough to introduce me to her grandson, Fabian Salas.  Fabian was just diagnosed with a fractured tibia from playing football and was getting around admirably on his new crutches.  In 9th grade, Fabian is very tall and very insightful.  We talked at length about his love of writing, architecture and his desire to contribute something good to the world.  From where I sat, he is most the way there….

Oct 122016


The 1st Street Cafe on Sante Fe, Grants, New Mexico

Grants, New Mexico is a wonderful place to discuss politics.  While New Mexico is a predominantly blue state, Grants faces some very red state issues.  Coal mines and prisons.  Grants is dependent on both.  And so, the chance to speak with Rochelle, the cafe owner of a very popular local restaurant was privilege.  She was concerned for her community and what a democrat led Federal government could mean for jobs and growth.  Though she did not want to taped, she shared her concerns and hopes.  She also served up the best bowl of green chile stew I have had since the last time I came through NM.

She was also kind enough to introduce me to Barbara and Ralph Sabroe.  There have been several articles written about couples whose relationships could not survive their political differences.  Barbara and Ralph are living proof that, not only can a couple survive, they can thrive from separate ends of the political spectrum.  It turns out that respect and a lot of good humor goes a long way.


Oct 112016

If there was a defining moment in my first excursion across country, it came in Williams, Arizona.  It happened when mechanics and weather conspired and led me and my broken scooter to Grand Canyon Motorsports and Shayne Newbolt.  What followed was the single finest act of kindness and engineering (for the whole story, check it out here) and a friendship that endured a second visit and now a third 🙂

Shayne, Dan and Wayne fixed my bike and got me safely out ahead of a storm.  But something else happened as well.  Our conversations changed.  They are just that, conversations.  We do not simply take turns at monologues of our positions.  Listen carefully…  we do not have to agree, but what a delight to know that we are both heard.