Prep Day — 10 Comments

  1. Bless your mom! Good luck on your trip. As much as I share her frustration with the candidates, I’ll be casting a vote.

  2. Your mom is spot on! Love your passion and persistence – you constantly amaze me. Love Rose

  3. Julie, your Mom is amazing. I think she expressed how so many people feel about this election! So cool and I loved hearing your laugh, as well. I cannot wait to follow you on your incredible journey. Love and safe travels, Sally

  4. And we’re off!! Thanks for sticking to your guns and making the trip – even tho many of your significant others selfishly wanted you to stay home!! You are a divergent thinker and we need your likes in our lives!! Thanks for challenging us to our better selves by being your best self!!

  5. Oh Diane, I could agree with you more on your spot on description of Julie. She is a gift to all of our lives !

  6. This was great, but the sound was quite low making her hard to hear. Please fix this in future interviews you post. Thanks!

  7. I have never met anyone in my life as adventurous as Julie. As Sally said Julie is an explorer. Where many of our immigrant parents settled on the east coast my guess is that Julie would hop on a ship and migrate to the west coast.

  8. Your Mom as I have heard is like many Americans not excited by either candidate. I personally believe that our nation will be amazed with the amount of accomplishments Hilary has after four years of work out of the White House. To accomplish this we will need to win back the Senate which I believe we are going to do.