Where’s Julie?

(courtesy of Google Maps)

Click on the map pins to view location and Julie’s blog post…

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Where’s Julie? — 11 Comments

  1. Wow! This is sure a big country!! Big in more ways than just geography! Big in that in includes so much diversity in thought, people, accents, experiences and beliefs. It is truly amamzing that we do manage to be a country together in whatever confederation that may be. “e pluribus unum” is more true to day than ever!!

  2. We did a “Where’s Julie?” in class today, and looked over the word wall. My students liked “ecstatic”!! Good word. Julie, thank you for doing this. I love using it in my classes. We also went to the latest polling website and looked at the charts and graphs. Great teaching tool!!

  3. Cool Jules,
    Love the map …. you have made great time ….
    Love how happy you look …. as you do something you enjoy!
    Happy traveling!
    Hug the family,

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