Des Moines, IA: Friends from abroad

Adam and Cassandra

I started out this morning with the expressed objective to find a Republican and record them.

It was only a few days into this trip when I realized that while my Greyhound community spans several demographics, it does not include our conservative brethren. With time, I became comfortable with this reality and decided to embrace and present it as it is. However, when I failed to emerge with any recordings from the rally yesterday, I re-doubled my efforts today.

But then I met Adam Shultz and Cassandra Shephard. Australian nationals, they have been traveling the world for four months, and will be here in the U.S. for six weeks for the purposes of volunteering in support of Obama/Biden 2012. Seriously. They have been traveling to key swing states and working rallies, knocking on doors, whatever the campaign needs. They are recent graduates, passionate and extremely well informed on world affairs. They demonstrate a level of commitment that would be admirable if limited only to their own country. But to bring their talents and enthusiasm to our country, our election… simply extraordinary.

These two young people stopped me dead in my tracks and today I am adding my word to our Mind Map. Hopeful. Absolutely hopeful.

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Des Moines, IA: Friends from abroad — 6 Comments

  1. Astounding! Adam and Cassandra are rare individuals, indeed. I didn’t even know who the PM of Australia was until I just looked it up.

    Thank you for putting up their perspective. This is a viewpoint that I wouldn’t get to hear in everyday life.

    Sounds like a lot of coughing and sniffling in the background. Be sure to keep up with your vitamin C!

  2. Wow – what terrific young people – and so well informed. I wonder how many college students (or anyone for that matter) in the US who could even NAME the Australian Prime Minister – yet alone be so conversant on their issues as these two are about the US. I think we should sign them up to be citizens!!
    Well done!

  3. Hi Julie

    It was fantastic meeting you on the bus. Hope your campaign adventure is going well and your meeting lots of interesting people along the way. We have been glued to 538 ever since you put us onto it.

    Safe travels and fingers crossed we get the right election result come Nov 6!


    Adam and Cass