Toledo, OH: Debate Night

Debate Night

Friends and family,

Tonight I enjoyed a wonderful travel day, recorded two sets of interviews and got to visit with my cousin Tammy and her family. There are many stories to share and I promise to edit and start the process of coherent storytelling tomorrow. For now, I am enjoying the last debate of this election and reflecting just a bit.

With gratitude from the road,


Toledo, OH: Debate Night — 8 Comments

  1. Julie, you are the cutest! Love your photo!

    One of the joys of this election has been seeing Stuart (now in 7th grade) show such an interest in the issues and candidates. We’ve watched all the debates together and have had some great conversations. He even wrote an essay about the unemployment rate, “just for fun”! No indifference in this house!

    So glad you’re getting to visit the lovely Tammy and that you’re on your way back to us! xoxo

  2. Another problem fueling the breakdown in civil discourse is that too many people see “the other guy” as the source of problem – whatever the issue. Few are willing to recognize their own contributions to the problem. Maybe it is laborer milking unemployment or the 73 year old lady abusing health care, both are equally contributing to the problem but neither recognizes that. First change your own behaviors before you ask others to change theirs.

  3. You’ve worked quite a few great visit opps into the trip … that’s fantastic! As for a little rest, you’ve clearly earned it … Enjoy!

  4. Julie, Love that picture of you watching the debate in your robe! Yes, Dan and I both feel hopeful after that last debate. How will we stay calm together on election night??!! Love seeing all of your pictures. You are having an amazing experience. We miss you and can’t wait to be with you on election night. Love to you, Sally

  5. It was great talking with you. So glad you were able to make it to Tammy’s. Love the photo…hurry home. I miss you si much!