• 14 Oct 2008

    It is back.

    On this rainy day in Albuquerque, NM, I am feeling especially blessed.  I am not usually given to assigning sentimentality to ‘things’.  But as I put my VOTE flag back on my scooter, it was impossible not to connect it to the love and support from the incredible people, known and new, in my life.

    For my new readers, you should know that my VOTE flag almost did not happen.  Early on, I discovered that I could not purchase a stock flag pole that fit my scooter.  My brother-in-law Marty McKay stepped in and designed and machined a custom bracket to fit my bike.  Sadly, at the outset of this journey, the flag was lost.  When learning of this, Levie of Levie’s Alterations in Bakersfield, CA, offered to make me another one.  In Williams, my friend Shayne Newbold attached the hardware to secure the flag.  And here in Albuquerque, Michael Resudek of Imagic Printing (on Louisianna Blvd) created the transfer prints to complete the process.  Oh, and a shout out to Veronica and her manager at the Rio Grande Best Western who, when I could not get a cab, kindly drove me in the hotel shuttle to pick up the transfers.

    It is a small and touching symbol of the grace that has defined this journey and my life.  Please indulge me on this post as I miss my friends and family.

    It starts with my children, Bobby and Katie.

    There has not been a day since they came into my life that I have not cherished and been in bewildered awe.  They are good, kind and funny (seriously, these two are hysterical).  And there are few things that I have greater faith in or admiration of.  My world is joyful for knowing and loving them.  I miss you both.

    (Note - This photo is a polaroid manipulation by Marisa Zucek, mother of beautiful Addison running toward Bobby and Katie)

    I am at a loss to even begin to thank Derrick Kikuchi and Craig Wiesner.  My best friends, they are consummate examples of compassion, faith and service.  For going on three decades we have shared our triumphs and darkness with love and a light heart.  This journey could not have happened without them.  From the practical (giving up a combined 10 hours on a holiday to build and host my blog and endless IT support) to the inspirational (guiding my spirit and challenging my ideals) they are a my foundation. 

    And my list goes on,

    My sisters, Linda, Dianne and Debbie - For your wonderful humor,  unconditional encouragement and willingness not to mock me.

    Marisa, Jamie, Addison and Daxton Zucek - For allowing me be a part of your beautiful family and for your endless talents which make me feel quite inadequate.

    Mari, Steve and Amy Young - For your joy.  For supporting me though your concerns and loving me in spite of them.

    Robert McDonald  - My ex-husband, and Bobby and Katie’s Dad.  For being great at both.

    Juan Ernesto Rodriguez - For making every dream seem graspable.

    Bob and Donna DeVries - For being my role models and showing me what is possible.

    My fellow evil deacons, Sharon McClintock and Sue Skulina - For seeing the best in all things, my world is brighter.

    My crew, Kelly Bailey, Bob and Pearl Campbell, Roderick and Merrianne Young and Carol and Dave Bassett - Your insights and laughter challenge and feed me.

    My boss and yes, Republican friend, Don Metzger - For supporting my absence and my dream without hesitation.  And to Elina for keeping the work fires burning.

    David Chien - For my blog layout and graphics design and to Tifa, Nel and the entire Houston team - I miss you all.

    Lisa Rudman - For believing in a stranger.

    I am forever grateful.

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12 Responses

  • Katie McDaughter Says:

    I love you mommy! The vote flag is totally kickass!

    P.S. I know you like me more than Bobby, you could have just said it in the post. :P Hahaha kidding.

  • Bobby Says:

    Awesome flag! I miss you too mom, we’ll throw you a party when you come back, complete with beer pong tournament and everything. And low blow Katie, for that you’re no longer my favorite sister. From this point forward the cat is my favorite sister. Yep.
    Anyway stay safe mom!

  • Sharon Says:

    I am so blessed in our friendship, Julie. Thank you for being there — through it all!

    Your kids are too sweet and funny. You guys are an inspiring family.

    missing you a lot and sending all my love,

    Sharon (proud to be an evil deacon)

  • Daniel Says:

    I’m Totally jealous of that vote flag. i vote it the coolest vote flag to grace a scooter in this country.

    I also agree with Bobby’s proposal for a party with a beer pong tournament. Somehow I can’t imagine any way that party could end without massive levels of hilarity and entertainment.

    If I had a brother or sister I’d probably make a joking comment about him/her at this point, but alas… :)

  • Linda Says:

    What a wonderful tribute. In your loving ways, Julie … all of us are enigmatically connected forever … yeah Bobby … a celebration is in order!

    Hugs, dear sis,
    Linda (proud to be a mockless sister)

  • Rose Harr Says:

    I miss you!!! I am so proud of you. Stay warm! BE CAREFUL.

    Michigan State buddies will be waiting for your when your return!! love you and I have my eye on you!
    love Rose

  • Marisa McBestFriendAlreadyMissingYou Says:

    Beer Pong, Excellent! I will give your kids a run for their money.
    Glad to see my polaroid here. What cutie pies those kids are. If you get sick of them, I’ll take em. W00t on the Vote flag.

  • Roderick Says:

    Hey, Julie. Gratitude is certainly your strong suit. “Be grateful, and you will have even more to be grateful for…”

    Okay, enough reflection. Hit the road! :)

  • Kathy Devine Says:

    You Rock! We totally enjoyed spending time with you for dinner on Tuesday and Michael and I will be checking in to see how you progress! Safe travels!

  • Elina Khaymovich Says:

    As always, it was nice hearing from you this morning! I’m very excited to see my name in this list as well:)

  • Laurie Says:

    You continue to be an inspiration to us all. Love and blessings on your journey always.


  • Veronica Says:

    Well Hello Julie! I finally got time in this busy day at the hotel to stop by your webpage and read some of your blogging. It was a great pleasure to meet you and glad that I could be a small part of your adventure. I’m glad we got to talk and you got your flag back on your scooter. :) I hope you have safe travels and make it to your destination soon. I will try to stop by again soon. You’re an inspiration. Bless, Veronica