• 25 Oct 2008

    This day, like no other on this trip, made me love my scooter.

    I will confess that there have been several moments when I questioned the sanity of my decision to ride the scooter.  Not today.  Like riding though a postcard, the road that leads into Nashville through the Natchez Trace State Park is breathtaking.  In one day, the colors exploded and I spent the entire ride with my jaw agape.  It was a good day.

    For the first time, interviewing was a bit tough.  Part of the blame is mine, and part belongs to the University of Tennessee.  See, during the day, I was having so much fun that I was more interested in riding than lingering to talk.  However, I fully expected to make up for it in the evening.  That is, until I started to see several cars and trucks sporting flags with big orange T’s. 

    I slowly put it together that it was football day.  Tennesse was playing Alabama.  What I did not know was that it was an evening game.  Moreover, and this should come as no surprise, Tennessee takes their football seriously.  As far as I can tell, talking and eye contact are off limits during game time.

    So I was particularly thankful to find Mayuri (she requested first name only).  Mayuri moved to Lebanon, Tennessee 7 years ago at the age of 14 with her family from India.  This will be her first Presidential election and it was refreshing to hear her unique point of view.


    Oh, and for the record, Alabama won.

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5 Responses

  • Roderick Says:

    I’ve never seen foliage that vivid in real life. C’mon, did you really take that picture, or is that something you pasted from the internet? Put yourself or your bike in the picture to prove it!

  • Linda Says:

    Beautiful! The picture and the young lady.

  • Julie Says:


    Sorry, I should have been clear… No WAY could I have taken that picture, but I found it when I searched the area and it perfectly captured my day.

    I will be sure to note that in the future!


  • Sharon Says:

    Hello Julie!

    See, you knew there was a good reason to ride the scooter, and your day proves it! Sounds glorious!!

    The Christian Science Monitor is running a series of articles called The New Voter in which they profile individuals who are voting for the first time. Today’s is a 65-year-old Southern African American man. Really well done. http://www.csmonitor.com/

    Keep enjoying!


  • Dianne McSister Says:

    OK, Mayuri is cute, but I thought you would go to that Tennesee-Alabama tailgate and interview some football fans! Drunks need love too! You would have been eternally cool in Bryan’s book… and remember that keg stand promise :-)

    Anyway - photo is georgeous!! Missing you! Love that you are really gonna make it!! Amazing accomplishment - I am so proud of you!!

    much love,