• 20 Oct 2008

    Are we still doing convoys because I didn’t get the memo…

    Within minutes of merging onto the interstate this morning on what promised to be the best riding day of this trip, I was beset with, conservatively, twenty semi’s traveling in what can only be described as coordinated vehicular terrorism.

    I recognize that at this point in my blog, I risk appearing obsessed about wind and wind related phenomena. But there is a particular combination of wind gusts that I feel compelled to share with you. It occurs when the turbulent wind that bounces of a truck that has just pulled back in front of you after passing, is followed one moment later by the first gust off the second truck that is now is passing on your left.  A truck gust two-step, if you will.

    Convoys represent the opportunity to experience this horror serially for their duration. Upon seeing the endless line of trucks that appear in your rear view mirror, there is instant clarity.  Breathe or die.  

    And then it is over.

    As I continued my ride through Oklahoma, taking in the incredible foliage that is just beginning to hint at a color change, it was hard not to wax philosophic.  All of the recent convolutions on the campaign trail, from Ayers, Acorn to the ‘real’ America, start to feel just like the wind gusts from a convoy.  As we enter the final days of this election, my message from the heartland is, breathe.

    Please listen to Kenny Fields and I think you will understand. 

    Kenny was born in Illinois but spent the last thirty years in Texas.  Doing rodeos and ranch work, he made his way to Henrietta, Oklahoma four years ago. Here he went into partnership on the Tiger Mountain Ranch, a guest ranch where visitors get to live the cowboy or Indian experience.  Married with 3 children, Kenny is completely unaffected by this campaign turbulence. 

    Kenny Fields

    Hold on. It will pass.

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4 Responses

  • Sharon Says:

    Another great interview, Julie.

    But your description of the gusts off the semi trucks makes me, let me just get this out, petrified!! You are an amazing woman.

    I’m really loving sharing this journey with you, dearest.

    big hugs,

  • Katie McDaughter Says:

    Okay so, for future reference, let’s AVOID the wind gusts. You have children back home who read this stuff and freak out. Okay? Cool. Thanks.

    Love you. :)

  • Linda Says:

    Just in time Julie …. I was pacing back and forth unable to breathe … and had decided to go underground for the next two weeks! NO KIDDING! So breathe it is!
    BE CAREFUL, little sis!
    Love ya more than anything!

  • Jenny Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying listening to your interviews and tracking you across the US. It was great to get to talk to you on Sunday. What you are accomplishing on this journey is truely inspiring for everyone and reminds us all to reach outside of our comfort zones and to expand our horizons. Take Care!